tulip scarf
tulip scarf

planted pigments

tulip scarf

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 Hand dyed using coreopsis, producing a bright orange with subtle shifts to red-orange

▴ Planted Pigments 
▴ Based in Adams, MA
▴ Silk, home grown flowers
Measurements: 13”x70”

▴ Care info:  hand wash in cool to warm water with pH neutral detergent, iron on reverse, store out of direct sunlight

Message from the maker:

Inspired by her  grandmother's garden, each botanical print is a homage to the carefully tended and lush blooms she grew up surrounded by.

Mallorey, artist & owner of planted pigments, has distinct memories of gathering flowers, bark & other flora to create 'potions' as a child. one potion in particular had marigolds, and as she watched the water turn color, she was in awe.  in adulthood, she has learned the science behind what was transpiring and the fascinating and unpredictability of natural dyeing. 

​she grows the majority of her dye materials in her garden or goes foraging in the woods of the Berkshires. however, there are a selection of traditional natural dyes she can't help but experiment with, such as madder root, which has been used as a natural dye source for hundreds of years.​

she hand prints each scarf using environmentally friendly inks which require no chemicals during the process, combining her love of flowers,  hand-crafting,  experimentation and discovery. each handmade item Mallorey makes is a testament to slow craft - each item takes many days to create with multiple processes and techniques.


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