salty flag

quincy + ross

salty flag

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  • quincy + ross
  • made in San Diego, CA
  • black duck canvas, natural drill with white felt. keep in mind, flags will have imperfections and the slightest variations, as each are hand made.
  • measures: 22” x 10" 

* this product ships directly from the artist

message from the maker: "Long story short, the love of art and the love of water got together, and Q+R was born, leaving handmade flags along its meandering path. Specifically, flags that salute the bodies of water we love, the vibes of those quirky beach towns we roam, and daily celebrations of a life on the water. Q+R believes in tossing up a peace sign (or a shaka) to your neighbor, sustainability and leaving things a little better than you found them. We look up to those around us making a difference which is why 10% of profits are donated to Oceanic causes."