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dry shampoo
dry shampoo
dry shampoo

roses and azalea

dry shampoo

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Want to look like you just stepped away from a mini blow out every day? This leave-in powdered Dry Shampoo is FULLY absorbent and contains no talc, no harmful chemicals. Made with only 100% certified organic ingredients, it works better than conventional dry shampoos. No baking soda and is suitable for sensitive skin and scalp.  Smells OH SO AMAZING!

Packaged in very eco-friendly containers. The 1oz paper shaker is refillable.  Depending on how much you use dry shampoo, the 1oz shaker is around 1-3 month supply (some customers say it can be up to a 4-6 month supply).

* this product ships directly from the maker *

  • roses and azalea
  • made in Charlotte, NC
  • dark hair: Has the same base as the light hair formula with additional cacao powder for tint.  The dark hair option smells like minty hot cocoa.
  • light hair: The light hair option smells minty fresh.  This option is also good for anyone in between the shades – just add a little bit of your own organic cacao powder at home for tint.  OR you can also get both options and mix together for best results.
  • 100% USDA certified organic ingredients that are good for you
  • This formulation does NOT include baking soda and is great for sensitive skin.  Fully absorbing and will not get onto your pillow if applied before bed! (A little goes a longggg way!)
  • Arrowroot powder has great moisture-absorbing qualities and makes your hair feel fresh and clean.
  • shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties AND has high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins that softens skin
  • measures: 1 oz | 28.5 g Net Wt.
  • daily routine: Use before bedtime to absorb all the oils keeping hair light and clean, and you can also use it in the morning as needed.  Can be applied with a makeup brush, shake into hand and massage into scalp and hair roots, or shake directly onto your head.  Only use a small amount of product as a little goes a long way.
message from the maker: 

After a decade-long health struggle with autoimmune caused hypothyroidism, Jenny Melick turned her entrepreneurial energy and analytical chemistry background to helping those who likewise suffer under the radar.  She strives to impact the beauty industry while supporting others with sensitive skin, allergies, and busy schedules. 

In March 2019, Jenny founded Rose and Azalea, a cosmetics company that inspires women to feel beautiful by improving, never sacrificing, their health.  She combined her science background with her experiences in holistic approaches and lifestyle particularly in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.  Jenny and her family have witnessed the healing effects on their health by using these organic products that they create and living a more holistic lifestyle.  Jenny is currently earning her certification in Ayurvedic medicine to combine ancient wisdom with modern performance in product formulations and personalized customer needs.