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〰️ current collective 〰️
by Kate Taito // based in San Diego, CA
shop current collective  

〰️ bree brooks art 〰️
by Bree Brooks // based in Encinitas, CA
shop bree brooks  

〰️ timber wave 〰️
by Clay Campbell // based in San Clemente, CA
shop timber wave 

〰️  little pieces jewelry 〰️
by Isis Blackstock // based in Los Angeles, CA
shop little pieces jewelry 

〰️ hooked earring company  〰️
by Madison Heath // based in Williamsburg, VA
shop hooked earring company 

〰️ v designs 〰️
by Amber Vavro // based in San Diego, CA
shop v designs 

〰️ mokolo jewelry co 〰️
by Miranda Harris Hamlin // based in Seattle, WA
shop mokolo jewelry co 

〰️ jasper lain 〰️
by Lexie DeLain // based in Louisville, KY
shop jasper lain 

〰️ brosily bath and body 〰️
by Navine Acevedo // based in Meriden, CT
shop brosily bath and body 

〰️ jack + ella paper 〰️
by Jessica Bates // based in Madison, WI
shop jack + ella paper 

〰️ nance jewelry 〰️
by Nance Rodriguez // based in San Diego, CA
shop nance jewelry 

〰️ boem jewelry 〰️
by Sara Voss // based in Oceanside, CA
shop boem jewelry 

〰️ vella mode 〰️
by Trecy Bleich // based in Atlanta, GA
shop vella mode 

〰️ made by kippen 〰️
by Kippen Priest // based in Charlotte, NC
shop made by kippen ⇢

〰️ my retreat jewelry 〰️
by Savannah Morris // based in Louisville, KY
shop my retreat ⇢

〰️ isiko 〰️
by Janna Barker // based in San Diego, CA
shop isiko ⇢

〰️ begonia works 〰️
by Natalie Schwebel // based in San Luis Obispo, CA
shop begonia works ⇢

〰️ ceramic jewelry 〰️
by Niamh Hanrahan // based in San Francisco, CA
shop ceramic jewelry ⇢

〰️ forget me knots 〰️
by Brittany Davis // based in Hurricane,WV
shop forget me knots ⇢

〰️ colore llc. 〰️
by Clara // based in Jacksonville, FL
shop colore llc ⇢

〰️ slightly stationary 〰️
by Alicia Heater // based in Oceanside, CA
shop slightly stationary ⇢

〰️ tina welsch jewelry 〰️
by Tina Welsch // based in West Chester, PA
shop tina welsch ⇢

〰️ peakestudio 〰️
by Liz Ottley // based in Baltimore,  MD
shop peakestudio⇢ 

〰️ quincy + ross 〰️
by Taylor Naslund // based in San Diego, CA
shop quincy + ross⇢

〰️ tidal living 〰️
by Christine Myrick // based in South Freeport, ME
shop tidal living⇢

〰️ studio toujours 〰️
by Katrina // based in Seattle, WA
shop studio toujours ⇢



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