blue + pink sunrise
blue + pink sunrise

begonia works

blue + pink sunrise

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  • begonia works
  • made in San Luis Obispo, CA
  • colorful seed beads with nickel-free raw brass ear wire
  • measures: 5” x .75”

* this product ships directly from the artist


message from the maker: "Natalie is a young adventurous artist & jewelry maker who was born and raised on the Central Coast of California. She first started experimenting with bead-weaving in her early 20's and quickly fell in love with the craft. After a summer of travels ending in Italy, Natalie was inspired by a series of rain storms to seek out small Italian bead stores and continue perfecting the art of beading.  Since returning to California, Natalie has been excited to continue learning about the medium, advancing her craft, and most importantly sharing her work with others. The jewelry she makes is inspired by fellow makers, the beautiful people in her life, and the brilliance of nature that surrounds her."