crescent moon geometric earrings
crescent moon geometric earrings

rain shadow jewelry

crescent moon geometric earrings

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Earrings are hand-cut from raw brass and soldered to sleek sterling silver ear wires to protect sensitive ears. They are finished with a rough, brushed texture that enhances the golden glow of the brass.

▴ Rain Shadow Jewelry 
▴ Based in Seattle, WA
▴ Sterling Silver, Raw Brass
▴ Measures: 1.5 in length/ 1.25 in width
▴ Care info: I apply a coat of renaissance wax to each piece to help protect the bright, freshly polished shine. Like most metals, the brass, copper, and silver used in my designs tarnishes over time. Many people love the warm, worn look that results from a well-loved piece of jewelry. If you prefer to keep your piece looking shiny and bright, you can make a quick and easy homemade polish using lemon and baking soda (it's environmentally friendly, too!). You can also give your jewelry a quick scrub with a little toothpaste (white paste, not gel) and a toothbrush to restore it's shine!


Message from the maker: 

My name is Sarah (sh/her) and I’m the one-woman artist behind Rain Shadow Jewelry! All of my jewelry is handmade here in my bike shed (converted to) jewelry studio in Seattle, Washington. My workspace is down-to-earth and my goal is to create simple, beautiful designs that celebrate their humble beginnings! I use techniques I've learned over 10 years of creating jewelry and my designs are inspired by a little bit of everything I love, from Alexander Calder to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I work in brass, copper, and silver and take joy in finding textures and finishes that bring out the natural and distinctive beauty of each metal. I love making jewelry that I would wear myself, and I test all my designs for style, comfort, and durability before adding them to my shop. I hope you'll enjoy each and every one as much as I do!


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