indigo tapestry “rising tide”
indigo tapestry “rising tide”
indigo tapestry “rising tide”

casual magic

indigo tapestry “rising tide”

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Transform a neutral room in your home or open space on your wall with this one-of-a-kind handmade tapestry.

▴ Casual Magic
▴ Based in Long Beach, CA
▴ Made from high-quality cotton locally sourced in Los Angeles, hand dyed in her California home studio with Indigo, and sewn locally here in Long Beach. Hung by a wooden dowel and cotton string.
Measurements: 37" H x 18" W. (When hung by the string, the piece measures 44.5" H x 18" W.)
HOW TO DISPLAY // This tapestry is ready to mount as soon as you receive it. Hang by the cotton cord provided (as pictured) or balance on two nails and remove the string.
DESIGN // Each piece is uniquely bound and then dipped into indigo several times over the course of a few days. As a result, each tapestry displays a unique design and blue colorway.

Message from the maker: 

Inspired by nature, natural materials and my favorite destinations across California and around the world, my line of home goods embraces intricate pattern play balanced with simple colorways - a lot of blues and neutrals. All meant to bring beauty, joy and calm to the home. 

I create everything in small batches – each piece in my collection is shaped, marbleized, dyed, strung by my hands – no two items are exactly alike, which adds to the charm. After buying one of my Shibori tea towels, one customer remarked that my dye work is "beautiful in a wild sort of way" and I couldn't have said it better myself. 

An East Coast native, I currently live/work/create from my home in Long Beach, California.

* This product ships directly from the maker's studio - processing time may take longer *