let's tell healing stories card deck
let's tell healing stories card deck
let's tell healing stories card deck
let's tell healing stories card deck

swell anchor studio

let's tell healing stories card deck

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A compilation of photography, artwork, writings, and lettering created during a 100 day project - Let’s Tell Healing Stories is a 54 deck of cards with inspirational imagery and encouragement. Inspired by tarot cards, these small but mighty pieces of artwork are a way to tangibly share light with others.

▴ Swell Anchor Studio 
▴ Based in Long Island, NY
54 cards packaged in a white tuck box, no plastic used
▴ Measures: approximately 4.75x2.75”


  • an intentional pause or reset: for you, for a friend or loved one.
  • visual reminders to display in your workspace, your office, or your sacred space
  • share: purchase the deck, there’s 54 cards (1 instructional card, 52 cards = 1 per week, 1 bonus card to give to someone, leave for a stranger at a cafe or public place


Message from the maker: 

Christie Jones is an artist based in Long Island, NY and inspired by coastal living. She creates abstract small batch, circular paintings that touch on mental health & climate change awareness. Merging painting techniques she depicts the fluidity of the sea and honors nature. In 2021 she began creating paints from powdery pigments, using natural materials. Her Let’s Tell Healing Stories card decks feature a combination of lettering, photography, painting, and poetry to inspire mindfulness and creativity in others. She donates 20% of all earnings to select organizations she believes in - like planting oysters into the local waterways, a therapy fund for Black women & girls, and Greenwave - a ground training and championing climate farming.


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