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mesa earrings
mesa earrings
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mesa earrings

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Handmade torch fired enamel on copper. 

* this product ships directly from the maker *

  • IVY
  • made in San Francisco, CA
  • enamel, copper, brass + gold-filled ear wires
  • measures: 3.5" x 1.8"

Ivy jewelry is handmade in Chelsey Greene's studio in San Francisco. Every piece is one of a kind and may exhibit slight differences in color or texture. This is the joy of handmade. 

message from the maker:

I named my brand Ivy after my mother - it represents choosing on purpose to be your authentic self. Her story is an archetype. My grandmother changed her name to Iris before she was even a year old because others had already started calling her Poison Ivy. With good intentions my grandmother did what she thought would help my mom conform.  

IVY is all the qualities my mother still has inside, but now has to choose on purpose to be each day because she didn’t actually grow up as ‘Ivy.’ To me, Ivy represents that original, authentic self that we all start with. The one that inevitably gets tarnished with other people’s ‘shoulds’ over time. I think we all have an inner Ivy. We all must unlearn things, beliefs, myths and the stories we tell ourselves. This is everyone. The conscious effort we make to live an authentic life. To actually be who we are.

IVY is dedicated to empowering women with body positivity. 1% of sales go to ABOUT FACE, a San Francisco non-profit that teaches girls how to fight back against a culture that diminishes and disempowers them. About-Face frees girls from the confines of our toxic culture so they can fulfill their potential.