nomad candle - petitgrain + neroli
nomad candle - petitgrain + neroli
nomad candle - petitgrain + neroli

nomadic home co

nomad candle - petitgrain + neroli

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Nomad is inspired by our way of life. Living on open roads in Willow the cargo van, desert dwelling while studying the stars, cliff diving at our favorite watering hole, and so much more. The inspiration behind Nomad came from the journeys we took to Tennessee in 2017. Travelling out there twice for two completely different things made us realize that there is no slowing down when it comes to doing what we love. Whether it involves making memories while exploring famous towns for a birthday or running away with friends to experience and sponsor once in a lifetime opportunities like a womxns climbing festival. We're here for it all. The uplifting tones of the petitgran and neroli oils in this candle will help you smell it all. Join us on our journey with the Nomad candle.

Nomadic Home Co
Based in Sugar Land, TX
Soy wax, cotton and paper wick, recyclable tin, paper label
6oz travel tin candle, measures diameter 2.82" x height 6.9"
▴ Scent Notes: petitgrain + neroli

▴ Care info: For the first light, allow your candle to burn until the wax melts all the way to the edges. This will prevent tunneling. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep wicks trimmed to quarter inch. Rest a burning candle on an even, heat resistant surface. Never move or hold a candle while burning or hot. Blow out the candle after about 4 hours or when the vessel becomes excessively hot. Keep distance from drafts, flammable objects, pets and children.


Message from the maker: 

Our journey began in 2013 through our own goals of a sustainable life and in 2015 we launched Nomadic Home Co with our soy candles. With a mantra of doing good for others and ourselves, Nomadic Home Co focuses on living our best life. We believe the best way to live is by slowing down and not only becoming aware of ourselves and our personal needs but also becoming mindful of how we treat others and interact with the world around us.

Our mission is to be there for women who want to reconnect to the earth in a simpler way. By curating a selection of goods that bring us one step closer to a sustainable way of life.

Our purpose is to create an impact and be apart of the social change and environmental support that our planet so desperately needs. We embody the passionate woman and all who accompanies them on this great adventure we call life. At our core is the sense of community and our love for the planet. We want everyone to feel like they are a part of something bigger because in the end, we are all in this together.


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