sodalite circular silver studs

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sodalite circular silver studs

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10mm Sodalite Circular Sterling Silver Studs

* this product ships directly from the artist *

  • JFOX jewelry 
  • made in Sunset Beach, CA
  • sodalite stones, sterling silver
  • measures: 10mm round stone
  • reminder: each stone varies in coloring. each piece will be unique.
message from the maker: 

JFOX Jewelry is proud to be handcrafted and one of a kind - all created by owner and designer Jen Fox. Stones are hand selected and specifically chosen from gem vendors all over the US. JFOX Jewelry is known for its wide range of styles but our statement pieces are where we shine. We believe in empowering the person wearing it. Our mantra is: Be Bold. Stand out. Make a Statement. Be You!