tiger lily hand painted canvas wallet
tiger lily hand painted canvas wallet
tiger lily hand painted canvas wallet

stephanie pecina

tiger lily hand painted canvas wallet

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Hand painted, one-of-a-kind, colorful canvas wallet! Perfect for credit cards, cash, drivers license, business cards, bus/train pass..etc. Quick and easy for when you’re on the go!

* this product ships directly from the artist *

  • stephanie pecina
  • made in Los Angeles, CA
  • hand-painted canvas wallet
  • made with canvas acrylic paint. varnish, snap button for closure 
  • measures: 5.25" x 3.5"
    message from the maker:

    I approach each and every piece with little to no preconceived notion or path towards the final outcome. It is purely instinctual and driven by my curiosity. One swipe of color on the canvas quickly has me reaching for the next color. The movement of that swatch immediately has me considering my very next move. There is a sense of magic that takes place during the whole artistic process. I think for me it is the unknown and "happy accidents" that occur along the way that keep me intrigued and running back to canvas time and time again.