wildwood candle
wildwood candle

Gypsy Vine

wildwood candle

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Inspired by a landscape of birch and pine where the coolness of dusk meets the warmth of the forest. Pinecones lay scattered about underfoot and the faint smoke of a nearby campfire serves to remind that you are only a visitor in this great and untamed wilderness.

* this product ships directly from the maker *

  • gypsy vine 
  • made in Eagle, ID
  • scent: silver birch & pine cone
  • 7oz, soy wax, fragrance oil, essential oil & cotton core wick

continuously trim wick to ¼” for a longer lasting candle that burns steady, clean & soot free

message from the maker:

We are makers of consciously crafted, aromatic goods that are produced in small batches, derived from nature and inspired by the spirited life of wandering. 

As homegrown artisans, we believe that the more love you put into something, the more love you’ll get back. So when it comes to living happy, full and healthy lives, it’s about quality over quantity and connection over consumption. Intention is everything. It’s why we’re so passionate about the quality of our work and everything that goes into it.

Our collection of unique fragrances is largely inspired by our wandering ways. Like a living tribute to the places we hold dearest, the stories they tell are endless.